My Story, from “nice girl” to Femme Fatale

So that you better understand why I created FFO, I would like to share my story with you and explain to you why and how I activated my dark feminine energy after 28 years of existence. I hope this will help you and make you understand that you are not alone in your situation, and that it's possible to change your life in 24 hours like I did and like the hundreds of women that I have already helped have done.

At 16, I met my first love, with whom I stayed for 5 years. This man turned out to be a narcissistic pervert, and it was the shock of my life.

I spent the next few years trying to get over it and never again find myself in a situation where a man takes control over me and manipulates me.

It was this experience that shaped my career choice in romantic relationship research and counseling.

I then had relationships with men with very different profiles: athletes, artists, spirituals, writers, sex addicts, real nice people, asexuals, entrepreneurs, unemployed, mommies' boys, independents, … from all social categories of different nationalities.

So I know what I'm talking about, and you can trust me to have done the legwork for you. 🥲

Despite the diversity of these men, I always reproduced the same pattern:

I'd start out with power, then I'd develop feelings, then they'd walk all over me and I'd lose all self-confidence. I gave them too much to be loved, thought about them 24/7 and ended up forgetting myself completely, until the break-up when I was physically and mentally exhausted, with this weird feeling of having been used.


My decline…

It was only at the age of 27 that the universe finally presented me with the solution to get out of my love pattern.

I was coming out of a relationship with a man-child who had brought me to my knees because I had given so much and received nothing in return.

When we met, I really fell in love at first sight and I was convinced he was the one. We got along very well and laughed a lot. Very quickly my feelings drove me to do everything for him, take care of him, listen to his problems, help him solve them, forgive him everything, turn a blind eye to his red flags (drugs, unemployed, living at his mom's house, big Oedipus complex and so on).

I took care of him like a child because he was always unwell, he took all my energy and asked for more. But the worst thing was that he didn't give anything in return, and I was happy just with his presence, which wasn't even pleasant and downright anxiety-inducing because he only talked about his problems or didn't talk at all. He didn't reveal his feelings and didn't organize anything so that we could spend quality time together, always too busy and stressed by his work and his problems.

He didn't give anything emotionally, which was already heartbreaking, but the most horrible thing was that sexually it was the same, he pushed me away and didn't want to sleep with me. We were together for a year and a half, and we didn't sleep together for about 8 months.

However, he was not looking for a solution while I moved heaven and earth to understand by reading all the psychology books I could find, analyzing his astrological chart and asking psychics for advice!

I left him 3 times, but each time he gave me emotional crumbs and made promises that kept me stuck on him. I clung to the slightest sign that things were going to work out between us because I was afraid of finding myself alone and never finding his qualities in another man.

All my friends were also in relationships and were starting to get married, which also put pressure on me.

But I was so bad in this relationship that I cried all the time, I was anxious in the morning when I got up and in the evening when I went to bed and I had stopped seeing my friends because I was too afraid that someone would ask how things were going with him. I was ashamed of not having the courage to leave him and constantly tried to reassure myself with the crumbs that things were going well.

After a year and a half, he told me he didn't know if he loved me ("maybe yes but maybe no, I don't know actually"). It was too much, and I took what little dignity I had left to leave him for good, which he accepted without a fight.

At this point I felt totally lost, but I knew I couldn't do more.

So he walked out of my life.


My rebirth…

To get over my breakup, I decided to reconnect with my femininity which had been very hurt by the fact that he didn't want to sleep with me during most of our relationship, that he didn't pay me any compliments and so on.

This is when I discovered dark feminine energy which suddenly answered all my questions, completely set me straight and gave me hope.

I naturally began to regain confidence in myself thanks to simple concepts that no one had ever taught me, and to embody more and more of this Femme Fatale the more I read about it.

It really helped me regain self-confidence after the breakup, especially in terms of learning how to receive and not give to just anyone and in any way.

And then just two weeks after my breakup, I met a man at a party, and you realize that the shift in your love life can literally happen in 24 hours and change your life.

The effect I had on this man was beyond anything I thought possible. In one evening, he literally became obsessed with me.

In 24 hours he had invited me to lunch, dinner, a scooter ride, planned an unusual activity, he spent hours on my social networks admiring me, and he had spoken about me to all his friends and family, saying he had found the woman of his life.

He had deleted all the phone numbers of the women he was seeing before meeting me.

I thought it was going to ease off, but it didn't, and it just crescendoed from there.

He admitted to me that he had never fallen in love, and he said “I love you” to me after 2 weeks.

He drove 7 hours round trip just to sleep with me one night.

He gave me gifts, organized a surprise weekend in Italy after 1 month, and had many bouquets of flowers and breakfast delivered to my home.

Every morning he went to get me some French pastries, he dropped me off everywhere and picked me up, and when he couldn't get free he would send me an Uber.

He even asked me to move in with him after 3 weeks.

And after 2 months he was seriously talking to me about marriage.

He texted me all day and only thought about me.

He showered me with compliments and was completely obsessed with my body.

In short, he had completely become crazy.

Note that this man was not particularly rich, but he had clearly decided to invest all his money in me.

And what did I do in return? I applied the principles of the Femme Fatale that I explain to you in my ebook. 

Remember the state I was in 15 short days ago, before discovering dark energy and activating it in my life: I was at the height of despair!

That's why I have to share what I learned with you.

This new man was crazy about me, he himself didn't understand how it was possible, but he was completely obsessed, so much so that it scared me at one point and I told myself that I would calm down with my witchcraft techniques because he was really starting to do crazy things!

If I had asked him for anything with my dark energy, he would have done it.

At that moment, I felt completely confident in myself and realized that the only thing that had changed was that I had activated and worked on my dark feminine energy.

I had reversed the trend forever, I had broken out of my nice girl pattern, and I was finally being treated as I deserved, without any fear of it stopping or of finding myself alone.

I now attract absolutely everything I want, I am abundant without making any effort, I have control of my emotions, I have confidence in myself and in the future, and I receive more love than I could ever have imagined possible, I am treated like a princess, my anxieties have vanished, I love myself, I put myself first, and I am happier in love than I have ever been.

You too can activate your dark feminine energy and change your life. 🖤


I can't wait to read your thoughts on your journey into dark feminine energy.

Sensually yours,