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📚 How to get your ebooks?

❤️ Why choose your ebooks?

🥰 How to exchange with you?

🎁 How do I receive my gift?

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📚 How to get your ebooks?

How do I get your ebooks?

Simply choose the e-book of your choice from All my Guides , add it to your basket and finalize the purchase via a secure payment process. Your e-book will be sent to you directly by email or you can download it directly from the site.

FFO books are ebooks to download to your computer in PDF format using your order confirmation email, so you will not receive physical books by post!

What payment options do you offer?

I accept various payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay, all three of which are secure and reliable.

Is it safe to buy from you?

Yes my dear, absolutely. My site uses rigorous security protocols to ensure the security of information and transactions.

How will I receive my e-books after purchase?

As soon as your purchase is finalized, you will immediately receive an email with your e-books ready for you to download and devour. You can also download them directly from the site after making the purchase.

On which devices can I read your e-books?

My e-books are compatible with all devices: computers, tablets, smartphones and e-readers (Kindle, Kobo, Vivlio) so you can read them anywhere and at any time.

❤️ Why choose your ebooks?

Who are you ?

I'm Juliette Swann, you've probably already gotten to know me on Instagram via my many videos. If this is not the case I invite you to come and listen to my advice on @femmefataleobsession.

Otherwise, I am a bestselling author and expert in the areas of feminine energy and personal development. But I am first and foremost a woman like you, in fact you can find my story here, from Good Girl to Femme Fatale .

I have spent thousands of hours studying the subject. Read books or consult studies before sharing this knowledge with women.

Today, I have helped hundreds of women to evolve and flourish through their femininity. And I intend to spread this knowledge throughout France and the world.

What's so special about your e-books and why should I buy them?

My e-books are created with the intention of guiding you to unlock and celebrate your inner power and feminine energy. They bring together valuable expertise and proven methodologies that have transformed the lives of many women. Today more than 20,000 women have trusted me. You can also find testimonials from some of them .

Why should I consider purchasing the other 4 e-books in addition to the Femme Fatale guide?

My e-books are complementary. They are the fundamental pillars on your path to becoming a Femme Fatale. By treating yourself to the Femme Fatale Bible, you receive a complete guide covering all aspects of seduction and personal development. In addition, you benefit from the best possible offer and save more than €50.

Are your e-books suitable for everyone?

My e-books are aimed at any woman wishing to enhance herself, gain confidence and shine. No prior experience is necessary, just an open mind.

🥰 How to exchange with you?

How can I contact you if I have questions about e-books?

I am here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact me via the form on the site or my social networks (@femmefataleobsession) and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

What is your response time to my questions or concerns?

I aim to respond to all requests within 48 hours. Your satisfaction is my priority.

How to receive news from you and more advice?

All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter with your email address directly on this page . I share relevant analyses, exclusive advice, crucial tips, and you will always be the first to know about the release of my new projects and news about me

Do you share exclusive tips in your newsletter that aren't available elsewhere?

Absolutely, my newsletter is where I share exclusive content and tips that aren't available on my other platforms. It’s a privileged space where I communicate more deeply with my community.

Is the advice in your newsletter similar to that in your e-books?

If my e-books provide structured and comprehensive guides, my newsletter offers ongoing insights, current tips, and keeps you up to date with real case studies and inspiring testimonials to complement your knowledge and continue your development.

How can your advice in the newsletter help me in addition to the e-books?

My newsletters allow you to stay connected and benefit from constant inspiration, practical feedback and additional knowledge which will enrich and update the information contained in the e-books.

🎁 How do I receive my gift?

How can I get the free sample of your e-book?

All you have to do is enter your email address in the pop-up that appears on my site or on the dedicated page . Once you have entered your email, you will receive a direct link to download the extract to your inbox.

How long after giving you my email address will I receive the download link?

My email containing the download link for the free extract should arrive within a few minutes of your registration. However, it may take a little longer depending on the mail servers. I invite you to wait a few moments and also check your spam or your promotions tab.

What should I do if I don't receive the download email?

If you haven't received anything after ten minutes, check your spam and the promotion tab. If you still can't find the email, don't hesitate to contact me by email or private message so we can resolve this issue together quickly.

Why is the download link only active for 10 minutes?

I have implemented a time limit for downloading to protect the content and provide an extra level of security.

What happens if I haven't downloaded the sample within the allotted time?

If the link expires before you have had a chance to download the extract, I invite you to register again to receive a new download link.

Can I share this excerpt with my friends?

While I'm glad you want to share this snippet, I'd rather you encourage your friends to visit my site and sign up for themselves so they can get the full experience and see everything I have to offer.

Are there any obligations or commitments after downloading the free sample?

Absolutely not my dear. This free guide is a gift from me! Please and want to know more, I would love to see you continue the journey with me by exploring my e-books and other content.

If I like the free guide, how can I get your e-books?

Like many, the extract from the e-book Guide to Becoming a Femme Fatale will resonate with you. If you want to dive deeper into your transformation process, you can get my e-books directly from my site. All you have to do is go to this page .

👸🏼 Comment avoir des conseils ?

Comment réserver une séance de coaching individuel avec toi ?

Rendez-vous simplement surla page Coachingsur mon site, choisis un créneau qui te convient et procède au paiement. C’est très simple et totalement sécurisé !

Que se passe-t-il après avoir réservé une séance de coaching ?

Après ta réservation, tu recevras un e-mail de confirmation avec tous les détails nécessaires pour notre rendez-vous virtuel. Je suis impatiente de travailler avec toi et de te guider sur ton chemin !

Quelle est la durée d'une séance de coaching ?

Les sessions sont officiellement d’une durée d’1 heure, bien qu’elles tendent à se prolonger un peu plus pour s'assurer que tu obtiennes toutes les réponses dont tu as besoin.

What if I am not satisfied with my coaching session?

Your development is my priority. If you are not satisfied with our session, I promise to refund you in full. My methodology has proven itself with 99.5% satisfaction, and I am determined to provide you with concrete solutions.

Why is there a delay of several months to obtain a coaching session?

My approach aims to ensure the quality and attention that every woman deserves. I voluntarily limit my coaching hours to twice a week in order to maintain my energy and lucidity, thus ensuring productive and effective sessions.

Is coaching suitable for all profiles?

Absolutely. Whether you are a beginner in your approach or already have a background, my sessions are personalized to meet your specific needs and help you overcome the obstacles you encounter.

Is there follow-up after the coaching session?

Yes, I am here for you even after our session. If any questions arise or you need additional clarification on the strategies discussed during our session, you can send me a message and I will be happy to help.

Can I buy a coaching session to give to a friend?

What a great idea! Yes, you can offer a coaching session by making the reservation on their behalf. Just make sure it's available for the slot you've booked.