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Post-Breakup Guide: Rebirth & Revenge

Post-Breakup Guide: Rebirth & Revenge

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36 pages - To heal your broken heart, rise from your ashes and transform yourself so that he begs you to take him back.

🚨   Be careful, using this knowledge can lead to extreme behavior, such as harassment, possessiveness, obsessive stalking, and exaggerated jealousy from a man.


You don't want to suffer from your break-up anymore, to have emotions running all over the place, to doubt that it was the right decision, to be afraid of the future and of ending up alone, to have lost confidence in yourself and to cave in every time he comes back to you.

You want to put an end to this feeling of losing your identity with every relationship, of not being able to move on, of having your actions dictated by feelings of missing out, and of not being able to imagine your life without him.


Your ex comes back, you take your revenge on him, or you decide to move on and forget him for good.

You're relieved and no longer feel pain, you're liberated and feel a sense of hope for the future. Yet he begs you to take him back, he realizes what he has lost, and you make him regret it. He only thinks about you, and you become his worst nightmare. He's so haunted by the memory of you that his next girlfriends run away from him.

You get the answers you were looking for and the certainty that this breakup was the right thing to do or not. You gain the necessary perspective to take stock of your choices and your expectations, and you use this breakup as a springboard to glow up like never before.


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I'm here for you, ready to accompany you every step of the way as you transform into a Femme Fatale.

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    • Rise from the Ashes with Dark Feminine Energy
    • How Does a Femme Fatale Cope with a Breakup?
    • 9 Steps to Healing Your Broken Heart
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    • What if he doesn't come back?
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