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Guide to Bringing Him Back

Guide to Bringing Him Back

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29 pages - Rapidly win back a man who's become emotionally detached. Quickly learn the secrets of male/female attraction to understand why this man has suddenly slipped away from you, as well as all the secrets to immediately regain his attention.


Your man, or the one you like, is distancing himself from you. His messages are becoming rare, he's stopped calling you, and he hardly ever contacts you.

You feel a physical or emotional distance. He's not as attentive, doesn't ask you as many questions, and seems less interested in you. Sometimes you feel you're irritating him, that he's running away from you, that he's interested in something else.

You've become anxious since you noticed the change in your relationship.

All you want is for him to look at you as he did at the beginning, to be with you as he was on your first dates. 

Your power of seduction diminishes when you get into a relationship with a man, you quickly lose the advantage and put him on a pedestal.


Your man (or future man) once again sees you as THE woman in his life. He respects you, supports you, protects you, encourages you, admires you, desires you and shows you absolute devotion.

You learn all the secrets of masculine and feminine polarity and never lose his attraction to you again. You understand what a man really wants and what turns him off in a woman.

You understand the behavior that made him walk away from you, and you turn things around immediately. He immediately sees you differently, becomes extremely attracted to you once more, desires you and tries to seduce you again.

He becomes more and more attentive, your bond is restored, and he takes care of you like a princess.

He only has eyes for you, puts you on a pedestal, and cherishes you like the day you met him.

You know how to maintain and increase a man's interest for your entire life.

You've become a Divine Woman.


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I'm here for you, ready to accompany you every step of the way as you transform into a Divine Woman.

Sensually yours,



  • Feminine and Masculine Energy: What is it?
  • The Law of Polarity
  • What Attracts a Man?
  • What Repels A Man?
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