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Guide to Talking to Men

Guide to Talking to Men

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27 pages - Learn the secrets of feminine communication to captivate him with your words, make him really listen to you and lap up everything you say to finally touch his heart and be heard.


You argue frequently, and his arguments make you feel exasperated. You feel like you're talking into thin air: you're not being heard, understood or taken into account.

You spend hours trying to make him understand your point of view, but he reacts defensively, angry or distant.

Every conversation becomes a source of anxiety, he becomes defensive or insensitive to your words. You find yourself angry or frustrated.

Although you try to understand him, his answers leave you unsatisfied, prompting you to ask even more questions.

Your words go in one ear and out the other. He says he understands, but his actions prove otherwise.

Despite your discussions, there's no change, which forces you to confide in your family or friends.


Arguments, conflicts, and misunderstandings are a thing of the past. Every discussion strengthens your relationship, and everything he says to you are words of love and understanding.

He's empathetic and attentive, listening carefully to your every word. When you talk to him, you're relaxed, and you both enjoy listening to each other.

He understands and respects your values, limits, and standards. You communicate in a healthy way, even in the most difficult situations.

He listens to you and responds perfectly to your words. His curiosity inspires him to ask you about your feelings, to confide in you without fear, and to open his heart to you.

Your exchanges are rewarding. You're able to express your emotions better, and he understands them instantly, inspiring his absolute devotion to address them.

You learn to connect with your true emotions, to be honest with yourself, and to show your vulnerability.

You've become a Divine Woman.


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  • Feminine and Masculine Energy: What is it?
  • Female Communication
    • Put Your Emotions into Words
    • Communicate With Your Man
    • Let the Man Do His Job
    • If you want to suggest something
    • If You Need to Get him Back Into Line
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