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Guide to Becoming a Real Woman

Guide to Becoming a Real Woman

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133 pages - Connect with your light feminine energy and reveal your inner goddess to live in harmony with your gentleness and attract a true prince charming in his masculine energy ready to cherish you. 


You are consumed by guilt as soon as you sit down for two minutes.

You're constantly stressed and anxious, and you only feel good when you're productive.

You're the kind of person who puts all your energy into the people around you or your work, to the point where you feel that's where your value comes from.

You have little patience, and prefer to do things yourself to get them done your way and save time. You tend to perceive femininity as weak compared to masculinity.

You value your independence, you're proud to show that you can “do everything on your own”. You feel you can do better than the men at their job, and quickly find yourself in a power struggle with them.

You find it hard to accept anything from men and others in general, and prefer to do things for them.

You're more into your strength than your gentleness, you have trouble letting go or trusting, and you attract feminine or childish men.


You finally understand what it means to be a woman, you feel proud to be one, and you develop all the facets of your femininity. You discover what women naturally bring to a relationship, and you let go of your old masculine ways.

You understand the power of your menstrual cycle and the magical and sacred powers that accompany it. You discover women's role as healers throughout the history of humanity.

You reconnect with your serenity and your body, and you suddenly lose the pounds that were obstructing it. You reconnect with the beauty that surrounds you, and you learn the art of receiving without guilt.

You're as happy and carefree as a child again, your creativity is stimulated, and masculine men come flocking to you, attracted by this gentle feminine energy.

You balance your masculine and feminine energies and finally find your place alongside a man. You learn to build mutual trust, you open your heart and welcome true love.

Men see THE real woman in you. They respect you, support you, protect you, encourage you, admire you, desire you, and show you absolute devotion.

You've become a Divine Woman.


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This brings together all of my guides on light feminine energy ❤️:

But my dear, if you also want to discover your dark feminine energy and become a Femme Fatale, the Great Book of Women is the one you need.

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You'll learn how to become a Divine Woman and a Femme Fatale.


Today, more than 20,000 women have put their trust in me and have undergone a spectacular transformation thanks to my guides.

In fact, hundreds of them have been kind enough to share with you their inspiring and authentic testimonies, which you can find just below.


If you still have fears, questions or doubts, explore my Detailed FAQ or contact me directly.

I'm here for you, ready to accompany you every step of the way as you transform into a Femme Fatale.

Sensually yours,


  • Part 1: Light Feminine Energy
    • Feminine and Masculine Energy: What is it?
    • Independence VS Interdependence
    • Which Role to Choose?
    • What Should I Do If I Already Have the Male Role in My Relationship?
    • What does it feel like to have developed your feminine energy?
    • The Main Qualities of Light Feminine Energy
    • The Different Feminine Archetypes
  • Part 2: The 10 Steps to Develop Your Light Feminine Energy
  • Becoming a Femme Fatale
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